Founder Feature: Behind the Scenes with Chrissie Lam, founder of Love is Project

Chrissie Lam founder of Love is Project
Tell us what made you decide to launch Love is Project?
I wanted to create marketable products for female artisans and help get their goods to market, in turn, create economic opportunities for disenfranchised communities.  

I left the corporate fashion design world in May of 2012 and moved to Kenya. There I worked with the Maasai tribe to create the Original Red LOVE Bracelet. The idea was to create a product that was scalable and marketable in order to create more jobs. Soon after, I took the first bracelet around the world with me and asked people in 50 countries what LOVE meant to them while documenting it on Instagram. I pitched the concept to my former employer and launched it in all their stores a few months later. With that success, I used my own savings and retirement funds and created Love Is Project as a standalone brand in 2017.

Chrissie Lam founder of Love is Project in Kenya

How did you land on the name?

When I was traveling around the world with the first LOVE bracelet, I asked people what love meant...Love Is.... That is how it started, so I called it the Love Is Project.


What’s your favorite piece from your collections? And how do you style it?

I love my Bali gold plated sterling silver Alchemy Love bracelets in small and medium. I wear them stacked. They go with anything, casual or dressy. 

Love gold bangles

What are three things you do to support your creativity & well-being?

Soundbaths, Plant medicine, Yoga & Body work.


Favorite local restaurant? 

I love Sayan House and Zest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.


Small business tools you can’t live without? 

Slack, Trello, Online app payments (Venmo, Xoom, Wise, Sendwave) Shopify, Klaviyo
Chrissie Lam at her outdoor office in Kenya
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